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We're All Mad Here by DragonPrivate We're All Mad Here :icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 3 2
Death of Sherlock Holmes
"Sherlock! Don't leave me! I-" It was no use…that line had gone dead. Unable to move, barely even able to breath, John looked up at the figure of his best friend atop a building. "NO!" he shouted, beginning to run forward…but then he stopped.
He had promised Sherlock he wouldn't move. He owed him at least that. Nonetheless, he couldn't bear to see his friend fall to his death…but he didn't dare look way. As his body flew from the top of the building, John felt himself take in a large breath of oxygen, nearly choking on it. The body hit the ground hard…and John felt a tear trickle down his cheek.
Quickly, he ran over to his friend, is dead friend…but no one could deny that he was more than just a friend…he was his other half.
"You damn bastard…" he whispered to the corpse, taking his hand and checking for a pulse. "Don't die. Please…I need you Sherlock." He whispered, ignoring the crowd that was gathering around. He placed his ear to his friends,
:icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 3 4
Waist Down by DragonPrivate Waist Down :icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 0 4
The 12th Doctor and Rose
It was her. It was Rose. The woman she loved…no. That was no longer the case. She didn't love her…but he did. And he was her.
She clucked her tongue at herself for thinking such complex and confusing thoughts. Rose was staring at her now, in utter disbelief.
"You can't be the Doctor…he's a man!"
The Doctor couldn't help chuckling to herself. "Regeneration, Rose. You've seen it in action." She shrugged, sticking her hands inside the pockets of the leather jacket her 9th generation had once worn. "I was pretty surprised to...but you recognize these, don't you?" the Doctor questioned, wriggling her feet in a circle to show the white converse her 10th generation had once donned.  Rose looked at them, finally believing that this woman was the man she loved…wait…what? This was all so confusing.
"I'm sorry, Doctor…but I loved the past you…I can't love a woman."
The Doctor let a smirk form across her face as she flipped her long, red,
:icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 8 13
The Mystery of the Railway
"Sherlock. That is your name, correct?" the strange woman stated. She wore a slim black suit, and resembled that of an authoritative man. Sherlock Holmes knew she was a woman, however. A very pretty one at that. He did not care about such things however, for he was tied up to chair, and the woman held a pistol in her hand.
"Holmes." He said, his voice still calm and collected. "You will call me Holmes. You have no right to address me by my first name."
The woman only chuckled, coking the gun and pointing it at the detective's head. "That no longer matters, Sherlock." She spewed with a smirk. "For in just a few seconds, you will die." As the last syllable escaped her lips, her finger pressed the trigger and the sound resonated through the building.
One Day Prior
Sherlock Holmes laid atop his couch at his home on 221B Baker Street, plucking quite ear-splittingly on his beautifully crafted violin. Sir John Watson sat on the seat opposite of him, drumming his fingers across the arm of chai
:icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 3 6
Everything Is Perfect
The first thing I notice is how beautiful everything is. The second thing I notice is that everything in this library is made of glass. Except for the books. Those are many different colors on the transparent shelves that line every wall and run down in isles across all three floors. This is the most beautiful place, and I'm not sure how I got here, but I don't care. I'm here now and that's all that matters.
I'm alone here. There's not even a librarian, or anyone here…but there are computers. The monitor's outer shell is made of glass, allowing me to see all the wires and circuits flowing from the inside. My heart sinks a little at the sight of them, though. If I got on, which I know I would for I'm already walking over to one of them, then I would never get off…but as I sit down on a transparent stool, and type in using the key-board (which looked just like the monitor), a red "X" appears on the screen along with some words.
"Library Search Only"
:icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 3 6
Wonderland Asylum - Part II
The Hatter sighed as he sat, his spoon set neatly on his tray, unused. He held his bowl of soup in his hand, sipping it straight from the container, still sitting on the chair her was first seen in. Who knows if he ever actually moved? But nonetheless, The Hatter sat there, enjoying the silence that Cheshire had many months ago agreed to give him during supper. The Hatter did not wish to take his late night pills, thinking they would ruin his creativity and originality, but he knew the best thing to do was not cause a ruckus… what he really looked forward to was sitting by the courtyard fountain, watching the stars while he sipped his night-time tea with March Harris. He and Harris has met the first night this new night-time ritual was created at Wonderland. The Hatter had been sitting alone, enjoying the privacy, but dreading the fact that he had no one to share his tea with. Then up walked March, taking a tea bag and making himself a cup without a single word. They began speak t
:icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 3 6
Wonderland Asylum - Part I
Alice sat, fiddling with the fringe of her dress as the therapist spoke about how they all had choices and what choices they made changed the way they lived their lives. She wasn't sure how it was good therapy…it just seemed like something a high school would have a lecture about. Instead of listening, Alice let her eyes wander to survey the familiar faces in the Session. To her right was March Harris, sitting in his chair Indian style and staring intently at the therapist. To her left was the new person…the one Alice had never met before. Heart Rouge, was her name. She seemed to be looking at her nails, more intent on whether they were all the same length than what the therapist had to say. To Harte's left, was Blanca Reed. She wore a long white dress that had stop watches, pocket watches, and many other strange clocks dangling from it. Alice had to say it was quite a strange beauty. Blanca's hair was long and white, with a strange pocket watch tied into a bow on the side of
:icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 3 2
Wonderland Asylum - The Hare
The laughter could be traced back to a strange man, who seemed both attractive and fearsome. He sat in a small corner, even though he could have sat on a bed if he so well pleased. There were small hand prints in his red blood all around the walls.
"March?" There was a mature yet feminine and helpless voice coming from the other side of the wall.
"Yes Harte?" he asked her kindly.
"I'm the queen of this wonderful place…so why do they try to poison me?" she asked, a thick British accent flowing through her lips.
March Harris said nothing, staring at his small, bare, feet.
"March?" the woman murmured unsurely when no answer came her way. "Did you go out again?" she questioned, unsure if the strange lad had zoned out and went on one of his frequent crazy rampages.
March jumped a bit, as if coming out of a trance. He looked around for a moment, as if to access his surroundings, before speaking once more. "My Queen, I do not think they mean to poison you! They think they are helping! Yo
:icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 1 2
Unicorn by DragonPrivate Unicorn :icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 2 3 Sollux Likes to Skip...Who Knew by DragonPrivate Sollux Likes to Skip...Who Knew :icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 16 29 Sollux Captor Cosplay by DragonPrivate Sollux Captor Cosplay :icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 19 9
They say that he's not worth it
and maybe I should forfeit...
but I'm not ready to let go
to let my feelings show.
I want to hold his hand,
he is my ocean and I am his land.
I refuse to give up
even if I seem like a pitiful pup.
:icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 5 2
Hope for the future
Hope that he cares
Hope you move on
Hope you find someone
Hope you stop loving him
:icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 4 1
We used to be joined at the hip
compliments spilled from our lips.
Now I say how much I hate you.
But no matter what I do, I know this is never true.
I was fool
who tried to act cool.
I don't feel cool.
I just feel...
:icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 3 1
I know I miss you
and I know I never stopped
but you still hate me
:icondragonprivate:DragonPrivate 4 2

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The time of year where you start planning all your cosplays and freaking out about the prices!!!!

My next costume I'm going to be doing is Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World :D
I already have the wig, the shirt, and the shoes. All I need is the arm sleeves, the black and white scarf, and the pants since I'm not doing the version with highlights in her hair...I might get a weft in case I want to, though!

I'm also in a Rule 63 Sherlock group with a few people as fem!Sherlock so I'm a happy camper <3
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“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” ~ Dr. Seuss



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